Go World-Wide With West Haven High

International Club Looking for New Members

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The West Haven High School International Club is looking for new members interested in learning more about different cultures around the world.

A recent meeting  focused on Canada. Students were there to celebrate that country and inform others on what makes it special. The students made French toast with pure Canadian maple syrup, courtesy of math teacher Christine Montano. Students also discussed some differences in sports and holidays in Canada versus the U.S.

A spread of food offered at the International Club’s recent “Canada” meeting.

“One of our students decided to talk about Canada today,” said math teacher Gwen Rice, who advises the club. “We have brought in some traditional butter tarts and traditional Canadian desserts.”

But Canada isn’t the only country that is a topic for this club.

The International Club helps students be informed about cultures around the world or even talk about their own cultures. It also helps students get to try new food and customs that are different from their usual lifestyles.

“The whole purpose is to learn about other cultures,” Ms. Rice said.

International Club leader Annabel Obas is excited about the future of the club.

“Once we get more students to participate I think it will be a very successful club,” she said. “I’m very excited to see what can happen and what I can do with this club and how far it will go.”

Recently, there was a joint meeting with the Asian- American club on Feb. 21st to talk about China.

If there is any country or culture you want to learn more about, the International Club will be meeting most Fridays in room C111.