Culture Day Events Aim to Bring Groups Together

By Takiya Awwal and Nevaeh Lugo, Reporters

The Muslim Student Association, in conjunction with the Future Health Professionals Club (HOSA) and the International Club, is sponsoring Culture Day on Friday, May 13 as a way of bringing a variety of groups together and to expose students to new cultural traditions.

This year’s culture day will be a two-part program. During the school day students and teachers are highly encouraged to wear their cultural attire. And in the evening, there will be a fun dinner event from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the West Haven High School cafeteria.
d we just need to be given the chance to talk and communicate.

The most important part of Culture Night for Ms. Alajjan is the learning and “interacting with people who are like you but also different from you.”

Tickets for the evening event are $2 each and can be purchased in room F314 or from any member of the Muslim Student Association.

The event will include a variety of activities, food, presentations, music and much more. Attendees will be able to try cuisines from Pakistan, Spain, Syria, Togo, Peru, Jamaica, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, and France!

“The different foods kind of give you a window into different flavors that you wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise,” said MSA advisor Mariam Alajjan. “You can communicate a lot through eating and coming together.”

Organizers hope the event shows that though we may all be different, we may share certain values, thoughts, and beliefs.