WHHS Alumni Return To Tell Seniors What Is Ahead For Them

left to right: Ernest Ayesu, Aaron Vaughn, Jillian Doherty, Nayo Daniel, and Stefania Vendrella

Today was Alumni Day, a day when graduates of the school come in to talk to seniors about what to expect after they graduate. The alumni covered topics such as expenses, food, transportation, time management, and much more. The one thing all the alumni could agree on is using school resources to help you succeed.

“Use your professors!” stressed 2018 alum Tenzin Tsokey.

2018 alum Victoria Quezada agreed.

“Your professors are always there for you, you just have to be the one to go to them and ask for the help,” she said.

Other alumni spoke about getting help from counselors and other classmates.

Seniors listening to the panel of alumni.

“Make friends in your classes because then you can create study groups and if you do not [understand] the material, they might,” said 2018 graduate Faith Moody.

The transition from high school is very evident in your first semester because of the difference in workload. The workload in college is much larger than in high school.

“[The] workload is a lot more than you would have expected,” noted 2017 alum Aaron Vaughn.

The transition is hard, but not impossible if you put in the work to get it all done, the alums agreed.

The alumni remembered when they were seniors asking questions on their Alumni Day. Stefania Vendrella, now a junior at Fairfield University said, “I came back because I wanted to tell the seniors what I wish I knew when I was in their shoes and what I have learned since high school during my college experience.”

For the seniors, they gain a better understanding of what it is like to be in college. Senior Skylar Serenson noted that Alumni Day helped her become “less stressed about going to college.”