GSA Spreads Kindness Throughout No-Bullying Week

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The GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) has successfully completed its very first No Name-Calling Week.

No Name-Calling Week was founded in 2004 and was inspired by James Howe’s novel The Misfits, which is about students who run for student council on a no name-calling platform after experiencing bullying themselves. Many schools around the country have been taking part in this event.

A display of hearts students created for No Name-Calling Week.

The GSA promoted the theme of spreading kindness throughout the whole school. GSA members posted hearts with positive words around the school and encouraged students to fill out a pledge slip showing their commitment to opposing bullying.

“By making hearts with positive words to describe one another, our goal as a group is to bring a sense of happiness and pride to our school community like never before,” said GSA Adviser Patrick Fallon.

Some students posted a picture of themselves with the hashtags #KindnessInAction and #whhs_gsa to social media. They also signed their names on a banner in the cafe.

Freshman Cassandra Ann Wilson, vice president of the GSA, was ultimately happy about the turn out of this event.

“I was happy to be a part of something that could be spread around the school,” Wilson said.

Fellow GSA member Aliyah McAuley was also genuinely happy about the turnout.

“I was happy to spread kindness,” she said.