Anonymous Donor Funds New Type of Scholarship at WHHS

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Anonymous Donor Funds New Type of Scholarship at WHHS

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This year at West Haven High School, an anonymous person created a scholarship that will be available any member of the senior class.

Students don’t have to worry about meeting certain GPA requirements to apply for this scholarship. This will be open to anyone and everyone in the senior class.

“I would like to give out this scholarship to any senior, regardless of GPA or type of school they will attend, who can express using their future education to give back to the community,” said the anonymous donor who funded this scholarship. “This means even if they are going into cosmetology, they will be able to apply for this scholarship.”

This anonymous person, who is a teacher at WHHS and spoke to The Rostrum via email, hopes students will use this scholarship to stay focused on their work and graduate. The amount for this scholarship is still undetermined.

“This way the student is applying but they are dedicated to their success and not solely on the money to be given,” the donor said.

Students have until March 15 to apply for this scholarship. Winners will be announced at Senior Scholarship and Award night later this year.

Even though this donor is amazingly generous, their decision to remain anonymous is something that they strongly stand by.

This scholarship will give students the acknowledgment that they aren’t use to probably seeing.”

— Anonymous Scholarship Donor

“I am staying anonymous to avoid students asking me about their submissions or catering their answer to what they think ‘I’ would want to hear,” the donor said. “I would like the scholarship solely focused on the student.”

The donor has also made it very clear that the funding for this scholarship comes from his/her own pockets.

“This money is personally being funded by the teacher who is giving the scholarship,” the donor said.

This scholarship will give students the acknowledgment that they aren’t used to probably seeing. All students are on equal fields and are being given the opportunity to showcase their intelligence in ways that they couldn’t have before.

“I am hoping students will start to think of the community as something we all give into in order to be great,” the donor said. “Sometimes education seems like a personal success, but it is surely a whole community success. The more educated adults we have given back to society the better chance we have to a great community.”

More information about the scholarship can be found here.