Theatre Workshop’s Journey To Cinderella


Theatre Workshop costume designer, Courtney Skeens, traveled to New York City to get fabric for this spring’s production of Cinderella.

West Haven High School Theatre Workshop is busy getting ready for its March production of Cinderella. Below is the first video documenting the journey to the show. Watch as cast member Wilson Valois and Costume Designer Courtney Skeens travel to New York City’s Garment District to gather fabric for the show’s costumes.

A word from Wilson…

“Walking down 27th street in New York City was awesome, but what makes it even better was the purpose. The trip was to get material for the custom-made costumes for our show. This demonstrates how much detail West Haven High School Theatre Workshop puts into all of its productions. Each type of fabric will portray a different character, taking the viewer through a visual journey when watching the show. That is what makes it so cool!  Not only as an actor in the show, but as costumer, Courtney Skeens helps Director Margaret Maher behind the scenes. I love recording what most audience members really don’t get to see because it’s so interesting.”