MOVIE REVIEW: Bird Box Worth Watching Despite Controversial Ending

“Bird Box” is a jaw-dropping, edge-of-the-seat movie


courtesy of Netflix

While not being able to see, characters in “Bird Box” take a trip to a safe haven.

The actors in “Bird Box” do a tremendous job pouring out their emotions on screen as if it’s truly real. Throughout the whole movie you are on the edge of your seat, craving to see what happens next.


Despite this, some viewers were still disappointed with the movie. Not once was the “monster” truly seen. So this made many people conflicted on whether or not they fully enjoyed “Bird Box.”

“They lacked information about what the creature really is,” senior Kay Pastorite said.

There was also confusion on whether or not the “monster” was an actual creature or just a spirit. This led to the movie being less enjoyable since it was never revealed.

“They should make a second movie explaining everything,” senior Daijah Ogletree said.

When the movie became a huge hit there was controversy on whether or not it should be taken off Netflix because many viewers began to do the “Bird Box” challenge. This involved people doing activities blindfolded, including driving.

Online many commenters were saying they should take the movie off Netflix. Others had different opinions.

“Just because you take it off doesn’t mean people are going to stop doing the ‘Bird Box’ challenge,” freshman Anaiya Diaz said.

They should make a second movie explaining everything.”

— Daijah Ogletree, senior

No one knows exactly what the “monster” is, but it is assumed it’s a spirit you see when you’re outside. It’s to be announced whether or not there will be a sequel. Netflix decided to keep “Bird Box,” and the challenge died down, but there’s a chance it can come back.

As I was watching this movie I couldn’t help but be fascinated with the way it was produced. I highly enjoyed the intensity it brought. I enjoyed how the scenes would show what was happening in the present, then bounce back to the past to explain how the characters got into these mysterious situations.

It is true that the creature was never shown, causing that to be a downside of “Bird Box.” Aside from this, it was a jaw-dropping, edge-of-the-seat movie. It makes you want to turn away because you are scared of what may occur, but you don’t because it latches onto your attention so you can’t look away.