WHHS Gender Sexuality Alliance Visits UConn

The WHHS Gay-Straight Alliance took part in the True Colors Annual Conference, a gathering of LGBT students from across the region, at UConn Storrs Campus in March. Eighteen students from WHHS were a part of the event, along with co-advisors of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, Patrick Fallon and Gina Reichert.

The highlight of their trip was being able to network with many schools across Connecticut and the entire region, Mr. Fallon said.

“This was an opportunity for our students to learn more about themselves, and what they can do to spread–and at the same time improve–diversity and inclusivity within our school community,” he said.

The student representatives from West Haven High School attended various workshops and had the chance to meet fellow students ranging from middle school students to college undergraduates. The workshops included several topics such as effeminophobia (fear of femininity, or womanliness), gender dysphoria, and mental health within the LGBT community.

The students also attended a large resources fair, where they received information about different community initiatives/services they can go to for support. Similarly Mr. Fallon and Ms. Reichert attended separate workshops to learn how they can make their classrooms and the school community more inclusive.

Before the group’s trip, they tie-dyed conference shirts that included the Blue Devil in the color of the pride flag, which will be the club’s new logo for this upcoming year. They also added a new slogan: “Got Pride?”