WHHS Visits FOX 61 News in Hartford


WHHS students went to the FOX 61 News Center in Hartford on April 27 for a behind-the-scenes tour of the newsroom and studio.

With the help of Morning News Anchor Aisha Mbowe we got to experience what it’s like to be a news anchor and how to work the studio equipment. The station is comprised of many different elements, including on-camera work (an anchor), editors in the control room, and a meteorologist.

The anchor of the show sits behind the desk and reads off of a teleprompter, which is a screen that reflects the words onto another screen so the anchor can see the words while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

Not only does she sit in front of a desk and read important information off a screen, she also has to be alert and prepared for any breaking news. Breaking news can happen at any point and time without warning. Ms. Mbowe said if breaking news occurs, then she looks at the footage the camera team is sending in and interprets what is going on.

There are many other pieces that make up the business. For instance the main control room. The main control room keeps everything in order. The editors know what times the commercials come on and know what other shows are on air at the same time.

This is an experience that the WHHS students will never forget, some students even considered having a career in journalism or being a meteorologist.