Jordan Peele yet again shows horror for what it is

After the smash hit “Get Out,” Jordan Peele again shows another twist on the horror genre in his newest film “Us.” It shows how human clones are like us but also very different. Both of these films show the horror within the mind and that we can’t really escape from ourselves.

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As a horror movie fan, you start to almost notice the same routine in this genre. The antagonist goes after its victim or victims. Then you either have no justice and a terrible ending or a protagonist who ends up saving the day for a happy ending. The movie “Us” doesn’t follow this typical formula. It deals with the mind and what realistically would happen if clones were to take over the world.

In this movie everyone has their own clone, but we don’t know who made them. The ending was my favorite part. There was a huge twist that was never to be expected. It shows how you don’t always know what to expect about people. They may just be another copy.

Even though I strongly recommend the movie, it did leave a lot of questions. Many people do enjoy mystery movies, especially within horror movies, but I feel that many details may have been left out. For instance, who created the clones, especially since they look and act like us? Why weren’t they destroyed as soon as their creators noticed something was wrong? Also, what was their purpose?

Besides those very important missing details, I really enjoyed the movie, with its different take on a horror film. The best parts were seeing the different personas between the original humans and the clones. Overall, the movie touches on secrets and conspiracy theories that may be real, like the idea that clones exist or that the government has underground tunnels for secret military uses. This makes the story more frightening because of the idea that it feels so real.