Government Should Take More Action After Attacks on Mosques

I am concerned about the recent shootings and violence at many religious places, most recently the Diyanet Mosque in New Haven. I want to express my sadness that ignorance, hatred, discrimination, and xenophobia are spreading across the world. White supremacists have targeted holy places like mosques, churches, and synagogues, killing many innocent people.

As a young Muslim woman, I am concerned when I go to the mosque to pray, particularly since the mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand. After someone intentionally set a fire at the Diyanet Mosque, a lot of people I know have stopped going to mosque because they’re afraid. Now it seems that we may have to place security measures at all holy places of worship.

This issue won’t be resolved until the government starts to take this seriously and takes action. Leaders need to speak up more forcefully. These are the places we go to feel safe. Instead we feel endangered. Attacking innocent people is disgusting and cowardly. We must all join together so the violence will stop once and forever.