2019 Makes a Great Year For the Prom

Woodwinds in Branford welcomed attendees to this year’s Senior Prom. Nearly everyone was on the dance floor as various hits blared, including Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and the classic “Cupid Shuffle,” until it was time to hit the buffet for fancy gemelli pasta, penne a la vodka, pork and chicken parmesan.

The music was diverse and kept the energy on high throughout the night. Aliyah McAuley, a junior who went with Isabella Petrillo, said she enjoyed the music.

“Better than last year,” McAuley said. “[It was] very upbeat, and more Hispanic music too, so I enjoy that.”

Toward the back of the venue stood a photo booth, complete with a sparkly backdrop and fun props. The line to get pictures was never short.

There were plenty of other spaces to take photos as well. There was a gazebo and a small bridge in front of the venue. Students also took pictures on the spiral staircase in the main hall and in the lounge area next to the (closed) bar.

As for Prom King and Queen, crowns and sashes were bestowed upon seniors Jason Ramirez and Kaitlyn Campos.

Students had great things to say about the dance as a whole.

“It was fun. Good people,” said senior Hannah Coppola.

Senior Mya Ginsberg summed up the night in a few words: “I think prom was overall pretty fun. I danced a lot with some great people and loved seeing everyone so dressed up. It was truly a night to remember.”

[Editor’s note: A special thank you to Todd Dandelske for many of the pictures in our photo gallery.]