OPINION: A Bright Future Awaits, In Spite of It All


Todd Dandelske

Graduation is the moment when you feel proud of everything you have done. It is when you realize all the effort was worth it. It’s not just a diploma, it means everything to you.

The last year of  high school is when you feel it’s time to make your family proud. We all wait 13 years for this–to finish high school and start a new life. It is not just to wear a cap and gown or to receive a diploma with our name on it.  We all had ups and downs, but we overcame all the obstacles.

During 13 years you met people you never thought you could meet and each of those people taught you different things and helped you grow as a person. School becomes your second home and all the people who are there become your family. You spend half of your day and part of your life there. School teaches you things that you will never forget. It’s in the last year of school when you realize when the year ends you will start a new life and nothing will be the same as before. That’s why this year you want to enjoy it to the fullest because you know that all those moments will never come back and will only remain in your memory.

The end of this era is the beginning of something great in the life of each one of us. ”

— Valentina Toro

All our efforts are reflected in that diploma, and at this moment we all feel sad and upset because we are not going to have the ceremony  we always wanted to have. We all know that all the good and bad moments will always remain in our hearts. The end of this era is the beginning of something great in the life of each one of us.