Letter to the Editor: Concerned and Distressed for Black Citizens

Dear Editor,
I write this as a young black woman who is obviously concerned, distressed and extremely upset regarding the outrageous social injustice we have seen over the past weeks. It is sad for me to say these feelings are nothing new to me. When it comes to my family and the black community, this is something we know all too well. This is also something I should not have to experience at a young age.

Artwork with used with permission from creator, Geneva, at Instagram handle @gdbee.

The fact that our people are killed so frequently and a portion of justice is never served is becoming normalized. We have camera footage highlighting the injustices our people experience and still the outcome is nothing. I can’t even imagine how much or what happened to those who weren’t caught on video. It is also sad that my parents and other parents have to teach our kids at a young age that they don’t have the same human rights or constitutional rights because they might just get killed. Or that black people can’t walk around or jog in their own neighborhoods as a right, because they might get falsely accused and killed. That you can’t utilize your constitutional written rights like every other American because of the color of your skin makes you a special case. Being constantly told verbally and physically to shut up, even though we have that right to freedom of speech. Is this really what our world consists of? Should I not fight for my promised rights as a citizen of the United States? Please explain!
Rodjae Smith
Sophomore, West Haven High School