Let’s Talk 2020 Positives

Danielle Ricketts, News Editor, Co- Creative Editor

This year has been devastating for many people all around the world, as the negatives seem to be so overwhelming and never ending. Nevertheless, there are silver linings to this year, even if you have to squint to see them.

During the long months of quarantine when the virus was running rampant through the world, many were able to become closer with their family and friends.

“I was very depressed, but my friends were here along the way, so I stayed happy a lot,” said one sophomore.

Isolation also allowed introspection. Lockdown gave people the opportunity to spend time with themselves and learn a little more about who they are. This opportunity wouldn’t be available otherwise, and many were able to grow because of it.

The rise of Tik Tok, the app that kept most teenagers busy during quarantine, became a space that creates awareness of certain issues like mental health, self love, and toxic behaviors in society. 

Junior Sabrine Yaser described 2020 as, “definitely the year of realizing bigger issues.”

As the Coronavirus found its way around the world, so did Black Lives Matter protests. People of all ages, races and religions came together for several weeks to fight racism and injustice. Nothing quite like this has been seen before.

The ups and downs of 2020 caused freshman English teacher Jennifer Cummings to describe this year as, “occasionally terrifying, occasionally heart warming.”

As August drew near and school began, the students of West Haven were treated to several additions to the new school.

The hard work students put in to do well while learning in such trying times does not go unnoticed by teachers.

“I’ve been amazed by how my resilient students are powering through some incredible challenges,” Ms. Cummings said.

One sophomore , Nevaeh Lugo, found it easier to get involved since clubs are meeting online this year, even though she’d prefer to be able to meet in person.

“I feel that since the clubs moved to virtual meetings, it was easier for me to get the motivation to check it out,” Lugo said.

It is evident that some have become more inspired to help others around them by volunteering. Since the beginning of the school year, clubs and organizations have been started just to give to people in need in the West Haven community.

This has not only been happening in this city, but the country at large. Although it is very unfortunate that more people are in need, many are receiving help because of the generosity of others.

Everyone is aware of the devastation 2020 brought, but it is important to acknowledge the good it brought, as well.

As humans, our greatest strength should be to work together as a community to fix and rebuild all of the damages that were dealt and come back improved and better than ever.

— Yarid Tyran

The year 2020 allows for stronger people in 2021.