Student Government Launches Wellness Initiative

Conner Fowler, Reporter

The Student Government has launched a wellness initiative that focuses on ways West Haven students can deal with the stress that comes with a school year.

The students involved have been helping organizer Nabiha Khan, a junior, brainstorm several ideas that they plan on rolling out during the school year. The group also sent out a six-question survey to assess students’ current stress levels. Preliminary results from the 250 students surveyed so far show that 91% of students feel stress in their lives, with a two-thirds rating that stress level above five on a scale of one to 10.

The group also invited Kim Dimeola, a psychology professor at Southern Connecticut State University, to speak to WHHS faculty on Feb. 10 about dealing with burnout or stress.

The Student Government meets virtually on Google Meet every Thursday at 1:15 and is open to any ideas students may have. The Google Classroom code 7u3mwrb.