Security Directors Win 2021 Unsung Hero Awards


Dakota Willette

Mike Ebron and Richard “Monty” Reynolds are this year’s Unsung Heroes.

Dominic Konareski, Class of 2023

West Haven High School security heads Mike Ebron and Richard “Monty” Reynolds won this year’s “Unsung Heros” award for their work to ensure our school operates safely and smoothly.

Mr. Ebron and Mr. Reynolds, who have known each other for 30 years, have responsibilities that include escorting students, overseeing traffic, responding to emergencies and monitoring dismissals.

The Parent Teacher Student Association selected the winners, with input from staff and the community. There will be an outdoor dinner to celebrate the heroes later this spring.

“They are such a positive presence in the school,” Principal Dana Paredes said. “They work behind the scenes to help things run smoothly, and serve as role models for our students.”

Mr. Ebron started working for our school district nine years ago and he is now the director of security. Mr. Reynolds, who is assistant director of security, started eight years ago. They both previously worked for the State Department of Corrections. Mr. Ebron was a correctional officer. Mr. Reynolds was a correctional captain and ran the training academy for the department.

Mr. Ebron credits the award to their hard work, determination and commitment. Mr. Reynolds added that he won for his “charming personality.”

The heroes said they are a good team for their good-cop, bad-cop dynamic–Mr. Reynolds said he’s the good cop.

“He’s the yang to my ying,” Mr. Reynolds said.

The pair are known for their sense of humor. For instance, Mr. Reynolds can sometimes be heard singing over the loudspeaker.

When asked about their most memorable moment at the school, both of them said the exact same thing: One day they went to break up a fight and ended up getting Charley horses at the exact same time and still continued to do their jobs.

They both said their favorite part of the job is seeing the kids and forming relationships with them.

The pair have many fans around the school.

“I like that they’re very real with you,” said senior Armani Marazzi. “They tell it like it is. Every student at West Haven High School feels safe with Monty and Mike in charge.”

Mr. Ebron and Mr. Reynolds, who can be usually found manning the front entrance, are always there for you when you need a helping hand.