Meet The New Student Board of Education Representatives

Armani Marazzi, Class of 2021

Juniors Hannah Davey, Nabiha Khan, and Danielle Ricketts have been tapped to become the new Student Board of Education representatives for the 2021 to 2022 school year. As of now they are shadowing the current Board of Education representatives Mackenzie Gardner and Anthony Vendrella.

Here they share their plans for their terms in office.

How does it feel to be a Student Board of Education representative?

Hannah Davey: I am looking forward to being able to give back and make a positive impact on a community that has provided me with so many opportunities. I want to continue to spread the positive impact throughout the school district and give my peers the best high school experience.

Nabiha Khan: It feels nerving and exciting at the same time because it is a big responsibility, but also it’s a chance to make our voices heard as students. Most importantly I feel grateful to be given the opportunity to represent the students of West Haven.

Danielle Ricketts: I feel so privileged and excited to have such a prestigious position, especially after learning how competitive the applicant pool was. I applied because I heard about the opportunity and thought it would be a great chance to get more involved in the school, I’m always looking to expand and diversify how I participate in and give back to this community.

What are the main issues you would like to address at West Haven High School?

Davey: As of right now, one of the main concerns is when we will go back to school full time. There have been many concerns regarding the recent school quarantines and the “second wave” of the virus. Also, students’ mental health plays a huge role in the decision too. My job is to make sure that all perspectives on returning to school full time are considered when making a decision. Another concern that’s being addressed is the unpaved student parking lot. Recently, there have been quite a few accidents so we want to get the parking lot paved and lined to help control the chaos within the parking lot full of new drivers.

Khan: One of the main issues I’d like to address at West Haven High School is mental health. Just like any other illness requires its root cause to be removed or mitigated, the root cause of mental health must also be treated the same way. Therefore, I’d like to raise awareness and target stressors that contribute to poor mental health and provide a solution. It’s important to address this issue because it’s often brushed under the rug but I believe highlighting it is essential to an atmosphere of mutual understanding, where students feel safe and get the best education possible at West Haven High School.

Ricketts: I will definitely be addressing all the issues that arise and are brought to me while I’m in this position, but I will especially be focusing on how Distance and In- person learning can be the best experience possible. I know so many students are feeling unmotivated and stressed, so my aim is to make school on a whole better for all students, especially in such an unprecedented and important time.

What are you going to contribute as a Student Board of Education rep?

Davey: As a student representative, I will contribute my insight into the student life here at West Haven High School. I will also shed light onto any concerns that a student presents to me, even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. I hope I’m able to make the student life at West Haven High School the best it could possibly be for all students, and I am hoping that every student feels comfortable coming to me for anything.

Khan: As a Student BOE rep, I will contribute by amplifying the voice of the students who go unheard. That is why I encourage all fellow students to not hesitate to bring any questions or concerns they may have to me or the other representatives. In doing so I hope to foster a more inclusive and productive environment in West Haven Public Schools.

Ricketts: As one of the only student voices in the decision making process, I’m open to addressing any concerns I or others have during my time as Student Representative. I really want people to feel comfortable coming to me with any problems or good news so the Board can know and be updated with our progress and concerns. I feel it’s extremely important that no student or issue goes unnoticed.