Staff Spotlight: Ron Luneau


By Conner Fowler, Class of 2021, Reporter

Ronald Luneau is a global studies teacher at West Haven High School who strives to bring laughter and knowledge to the classroom and helps students realize they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

“I believe all of my students can achieve their goals,” Mr. Luneau said.

Mr. Luneau has worked at our school for 13 years and has taught history for 12 years.

He said working in West Haven is the best thing that has ever happened to him because of its blue-collar nature and how all the students come together
from so many different backgrounds to form friendships.

“We have students with so many different life experiences,” he said. “That has made me adjust my teaching style to accommodate people from every
walk of life.”

Mr. Luneau grew up in Derby and studied history at Central Connecticut State University. He said he enjoys meeting new people and representing West Haven because he has so much respect for the town and the people that live in it.

Mr. Luneau has been the varsity baseball coach for seven years and has helped several players continue on to play at the college level. He also has been assistant football coach for 13 years.

“Numerous times I think about students I’ve had and tears come to my eyes because they are either such amazing kids or they have overcome so much in their lives, and to me, that is what keeps me loving teaching,” he said. “I keep seeing my students grow.”