Teacher Appreciation Contest Winner


Source: https://theghfalcon.com/21978/showcase/looking-back-at-teacher-appreciation-week

Daniel Patricelli, Class of 2023

The Rostrum would like to extend our congratulations to Daniel Patricelli, the winner of the Teacher Appreciation contest hosted by the Scholarship club. He wrote a warm and heartfelt letter to his Chemistry teacher, Ms. Diguilio, to show his appreciation for her style of teaching. Remember to visit https://nacurh.wixsite.com/whhstavw if you would like to see all the other teacher appreciation letters. The Scholarship club is still accepting letters, though the contest is over. If you would like to enter a letter for fun, visit https://forms.gle/NP3HgRn349isw1Pj7 to submit a letter of appreciation to one of your teachers.

To Ms. Diguilio

You are literally the best teacher I think I ever had. I’m not just saying that to seem nice. I genuinely mean it. You explain everything we are learning so well and always go through every piece of information perfectly. I have understood every single assignment and subject we’ve worked on because you teach us so well. I remember all of the material you’ve given us, and I could tell you every piece of information you’ve taught us. That’s how amazing you teach. The amount of time you put in for us and the amount of work you do so we understand Chemistry is insane, and you deserve so much more recognition. This is your first year teaching, and it is so amazing that you go so in-depth with our class that I understand everything you’re teaching. You were my student teacher last year in AP Bio, and my whole class absolutely loved you. I was so happy when I got my class list and saw that you were my chem teacher. You were an amazing student teacher, and you’re an even better chemistry teacher. Your class is definitely my favorite, and I actually enjoy going to chemistry every day. Your outfits are always so cute, and you always make class more fun. Your energy is unmatched, and your class is exciting despite covid’s limitations on it. You’re a teacher who gets it. You understand what it’s like to be struggling and to be our age. You were doing mental health activities before any of my other teachers, you’ve been the only teacher to offer me help, and you show you genuinely care. Which I’m sure everyone in my class is thankful for. All of your reviews, zooms, mazes, labs all help me so much. At the beginning of the year, we had to write down a goal in English class. I wrote down that I wanted to have an A in Chemistry. I was so scared that chem would be a hard class that I wouldn’t do well in, but you’ve made chem such an easy and understandable topic to achieve my goal. Thank you so much for everything you do, especially in the midst of a pandemic. I appreciate you and your work, our class appreciates you, and all your other classes appreciate you. You deserve every bit of recognition you get. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Daniel Patricelli