Senior Holds Title Of Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen


Senior Aissatou Diallo

Shirleya Lawal, Class of 2023

West Haven High School senior Aissatou “Aicha” Diallo is the reigning Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, and she is using her position to increase access to arts in our community and inspire young girls to compete in pageants.

“It is empowering women while also empowering yourself with the crown and sash… get out there, get out of your comfort zone and be authentically you,” she said. 

This was Diallo’s first time doing a pageant. She went in inexperienced, but worked very hard, which paid off big time.

She didn’t think she would win. She said there were a lot of girls there that were more experienced than she was. She competed and told herself, “This will be just a learning experience.” 

She credited her win to her “authenticity,” saying she was very real when she walked out on stage and she was able to define who she is to the world. She added that the judges seem to be most attracted to you when you are your best self.

Being Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen isn’t just a title–it comes with lots of responsibility, such as doing community service. With this responsibility, Diallo has been able to award over $2,500 in arts scholarships to kids within her community.

Every title holder has a Social Impact Initiative, which is an issue you want to tackle in your community. Diallo’s was “access to arts” and “access to performance arts in the city community.” She teaches dance classes and hands out scholarships for music and also arts. She recently was awarded a $2,800 scholarship. 

One thing Diallo enjoyed during this time with the pageants was “being able to wear a big dress.” She said she never usually wears dresses and just having a reason to own gowns was great. 

She hopes to inspire young girls who are considering doing pageants to go for it and those who never thought of it to give it a try.