Math Bootcamp Offers Extra Help


Takiya Awwal, Class of 2023

Students who are struggling in Algebra or Geometry can get help at our school’s weekly Math Boot Camps, which are after-school tutoring sessions where teachers provide students with individualized instruction.

The program meets every Thursday in room F308 from 1:45pm to 3:00pm. There’s no need to sign up–students who would like to attend can just show up. ​The participating teachers are Kristen Skelly, Emily Menendez, Bridget Figmic, Lauren Wingen, and Blakeley Cole. These teachers rotate into Boot Camp depending on the number of students attending.

“Boot Camp caters to the needs of the students,” said Maryellen Lafo, Master Teacher of the Department of Mathematics at West Haven High School. “The Boot Camp teachers work with small groups of students, can determine precisely what the students are having trouble with, and help them understand and hopefully master the concept.”

Senior Brian Matute was struggling in geometry and decided to give math boot camp a try when he was a freshman. The individualized attention at Boot Camp improved his math grade “dramatically,” he said, helping him bring his math grade from failing to a B, and then eventually an A.

Students and parents can contact Maryellen Lafo for more information about math boot camp. Her email address is