State Representative Tours High School


Danielle Ricketts, Editor-In-Chief

Connecticut State Representative Treneé McGee visited the high school on Feb. 7 to view the new building, along with all the facilities and programs available to students. She was escorted by Principal Dana Paredes and Sophomore Tareze Johnson. 

Rep. McGee (Dem.) has been visiting schools in West Haven because one of her committees in the state house focuses on public education. She is getting a first-hand look at the needs of each school and what can be improved.

“I am incredibly proud of the administrations, teachers and students for the work they are committed to investing in the right-now generation,” Rep. McGee said in a comment on Instagram after her visit to our school.

Rep. McGee toured the school’s new facilities, including the auditorium, library, automotive shop, woodshop, basketball court, band room and food pantry. Her visit also allowed her to converse directly with West Haven High students, imparting wisdom, guidance and inspiration. 

“I think she was impressed with our facilities, and I think she was impressed with our students,” Mrs. Paredes said.

Before Rep. McGee was elected to represent the 116th District in West Haven, she made history as the youngest member of the West Haven City Council. She was also the chair of the West Haven Community Alliance.

Rep. McGee has a passion for socioeconomic and racial equality. She founded Be The F.I.R.S.T. (Fundamentally Inspire by Redefining Your Scholastic Tenacity), a program encouraging first-generation college students to pursue higher education. 

“I realized in order for me to implement the change that I want to see in the community, I have to have a seat at the table,” Rep. McGee said.

To watch a short video of Rep. McGee’s visit to the high school click this link.