Valentine’s Day Cards For Veterans


Danielle Ricketts, Editor-In-Chief

Members of West Haven High School’s Teens for Christ club spent months making numerous Valentine’s Day cards for veterans in the VA Hospital to spread love and uplifting messages.  This was Teens for Christ’s third annual “Valentine’s for Veterans” endeavor. 

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spread love to those who are special to you, but many of the patients and residents at the VA hospital don’t receive as much love as they should. This is why the members of the Teens for Christ club think Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to let this community know they are not forgotten. 

There are many long-term patients at the VA that have had little to no contact with outsiders due to Covid and this is a way to spread some cheer, let them know that they aren’t forgotten and that people care for them and honor them for their service,” Club Adviser Timothy Gast said.

Each card contained a handwritten message and was individually decorated by members of this club. The VA Hospital expressed their gratitude for the donation, as well as other items their residents need. 

Teens for Christ is accepting donations of any kind to go towards supporting the residents and patients in the VA hospital. If any West Haven High School student would like to be a part of this endeavor, please join the club’s Google Classroom with the code ‘ajnx7i3.’ 

“I think more students should get involved in giving back to our community in one way or another, and I’m proud of the students who chose and worked hard creating these cards to bring some cheer and support to our veterans,” Mr. Gast said. “I hope more students are inspired by what these kids have done and will get involved in the community in one way or another.”