“The Real Me” Winner: Poem

Source: Dictionary.com, Pride Month entry

Source: Dictionary.com, “Pride Month” entry

Mia Rios, Class of 2022

Congratulations to senior Mia Rios for submitting a winning entry into the Creative Corner Contest. This poem tied with a collage for first place. Great job!

The Real Me Poem by Mia Rios

What should I say?
It was once considered a vile word
Through hatred, we still feel it.
We feel the same love as you,
But we are still being persecuted.
We try to be true,
But your hatred is so deep-rooted.


The first language learned seems to be hate,
Insults burned to the back of your throat.
They say it’s
not a natural mental state,
they were hatred like a coat.


You tell us its a phase,
Like it will pass and have no meaning.
So I watch the moon after long days,
I find the sun deceiving.


We are the moon,
Not just there to reflect the sun’s light.
After burning days we’ll shine soon,
Giving comfort through the night.


They are the sun,
Too ignorant to see we move the waves.
They pound rays against everyone,
Expecting us to follow, to’ behave’.


We are not a phase,
But I am going to have an effect on the tides of people.
Even when they seem to be blinded by rays.
Because the moon has craters, but is still unscavth.