Muslim Student Association Brings Students of All Faiths Together


Yamilette Romero, Reporter

The school’s new Muslim Student Association is working to educate people on Islam and create a welcoming environment for people of all religions.

Club president Takiya Awwal, a junior, envisioned starting the club her freshman year, however, due to complications presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to start the club until this year. Nevertheless, within the past few months of activity, the group has been able to accomplish holding meetings, running a fundraiser, giving a presentation, and getting access to a prayer room.

The club holds meetings every Thursday after school and is supervised by English teacher Mariam Alajjan. The purpose, says Awwal, is to help increase the understanding of Islam.

“I know there are a lot of stereotypes and misunderstandings about it, and I just want people to realize it’s not a violent religion,” she said. “It’s really peaceful, and it’s welcoming to everyone.”

The club is open to everyone regardless of their religion or beliefs–the goal is to educate people on Islam and form a community, not practice the religion.

The group worked with the school’s Digital Media department to share a control room as a prayer space. And social studies department head Mark Consorte has also supported the group by allowing them to use his bulletin board near the school cafeteria. The group is also grateful to English teacher Abby Goodwin for providing supplies to decorate their board.

The club has future plans in mind that include Culture Day and other activities. The group raised over $200 in early March with a bake sale during the Parent-Teacher Conference.

In addition, the group held a presentation at the New Haven Islamic Center Mosque, where they talked to the kids about what MSA is, and taught them how to get ready for Ramadan, a religious month of fasting for all Muslims.

“We’ve been getting a lot done, and I really wish for MSA to continue in the future,” Awwal said.