The Met Gala: Going out of Style?

Samiyah Ford, Reporter

For some reason out of 216 people who attended this year’s Met Gala, almost everyone was missing the theme by a longshot. The theme for the May 2nd event was “Gilded Glamour.” With the right kind of money, that’s one of the easiest Met Gala themes to date. Yet all we got this year was, in my opinion, anything but the Gilded Era.

For those of you who don’t really know what the Gilded Age is, it was a period of flashy materialism and overt political corruption in the United States during the late 19th century. If you ever watched the Netflix show “Bridgerton,” that was the type of fashion we were looking for. Now it wasn’t exactly a “Bridgerton” costume party, but the idea was going strictly for the 1870s.

While there were some celebrities who missed the mark completely, and some who hit the mark directly, there were also celebrities who incorporated parts of the 1870s in their outfits.

Singer Normani did a great job with this as her dress isn’t 1870s material but the sleeves and hat take from that time period.  Actress Emma Corrin was one of the participants on par with the theme. Emma wore what was similar to a 1870s overlarge jacket. While socialite Kim Kardashian did us all a favor and showed us what not to wear. I’ll say it a million times, Marilyn Monroe should have been the last person to wear that dress.

If I could go on and talk about every single person’s outfit I would, but I can’t. And trust me, I know how hard it is to make clothes, I can’t even sew. But it would have been easy to simply use Google to understand what the theme really was. I would also like to say a lot of celebrities looked good, even if they weren’t on theme.

The ones who fell into the “just lazy” category were those who simply wore a suit and tie. Now I understand maybe they didn’t have the money to pay for a designer outfit or simply wanted to be comfortable. But all in all, it’s the Met Gala. A prestigious fashion event no normal outsiders can attend. Dwyane Wade didn’t even wear a shirt at all.

In my opinion, the best dressed was singer Billie Ellish. She was on theme, she looked great, overall she knew the assignment. Now, the worst dressed has to be Kim Kardashian. Not only did she wear the real Marilyn Monroe’s dress, which Marilyn was supposed to be the last one to wear, she was pretty off on theme. Try a good 100 years off. She also lost weight to fit into the dress and it still didn’t fit. Only to then wear a replica after the red carpet.

Overall I believe that this year’s Met Gala has to be one of the worse ones yet. What about you? Feel free to comment or even vote on what outfits hit the mark. Thanks to Vogue, you can vote on everyone’s outfit and whether or not they looked amazing.