The Mind Behind the Words


Anonymous Student




This has to be good… No it has to be great. It has to be perfect!

I need to get an idea typed. How am I supposed to come up with a short story or poem? If it was an acrostic, sure, I can come up with one in ten minutes. A fifteen page essay on some scientific topic. Give me a few days to a week. An idea for a novel… Psh, I come up with those in my sleep. Literally. But a short story. A short story. UGHHHHHHH!

Why do I have to make things so complicated… Great, now I have that song stuck in my head. Seriously though, if I didn’t overthink this so much, I’d be done by now. Focus. Just focus. You need a short story. That is it. No elaborate plot with background info for every character. One conflict. One solution. Limited world building. Two pages at most. Just focus.




Okay, that isn’t working. Now what? Maybe make a list of plots. Yes. That works. Just find one. One plot. One character arc. For ONE story.

Let’s see…

I can write a murder mystery. I want to have two mini murders and then the detective would have to follow the clues. Oh! And there can be an assistant. But what if the assistant is a victim? Or the MURDERER! That would be too long…

Okay. Okay. What else?

Oooooooooh! What about a student who falls asleep in class and wakes up as a mind reader. I can write about how they got the ability, how they use it, some sort of drama with their friends or family about it. Misconceptions. Secrets that no one was supposed to know. And it is too

One more. Try… too personal… Okay. What about… *segways into my book*…
too long… too personal… too long.. too long… too long…no… No… NO…NO!


Calm down. I can do this. Just write. I love writing. Writing is easy. Just write something and see where it… no. Hardly anyone would read it anyway. I still have homework. I still have chores. I shouldn’t waste my time on this. I’ll be up late working on homework. If I come up with something, I can just go back to this. I shouldn’t stress myself out. No one will
understand the work that I put into this anyway. Wait… The work I put into this.

The time, the effort, the writers block.

Hardly anyone realizes how hard it is to write something for this. To come with an idea. To follow it through. To have the courage to publish it. This is it. This is my idea! All I need to do now is write!