Anxiety Poetry


Anonymous Student

Is a stalker
It follows your every move
Follows everywhere you go
you have nowhere to hide
It’s always by your side
A voice in your head
Who never sleeps or rests
Wish you could go back to the younger days
When you didn’t have a care
Cause once it came
It never went away
Critiques every move
Even how you sway
How you speak
How you look
How you think
An endless loop of regret
feel you mess up everything
Is it pleasure
is your pain trophy or treasure
expectations feel to high to measure
or reach

A man sits alone
Though Never lonely
For his company, only
Is his worst enemy
Company who isn’t a friend
And can’t be
For thou is a monster
Who looks after many
Tortured those who run from his games
And play with those who stay
A loss either way
With victims who fake to be okay
Rush to a fake smile when surrounded
By friend or kin Without delay
Unwanted and unpleasant
He forces the helpless
To feel what he does
Clouds the clear sky
Fogs the clear mind
Brings bass to its voice
So it can be heard around the whole body
So it can shake and tingle
With a chill
While the creature gazes upon you
With an ominous grin
For from your terror
It gains pleasure
For when you go mad
He is happy
For when you go happy
He is mad
anxiety is lively
to keep you dead inside
and he doesn’t care about you
as long as he thrives