Victory Poem


Anonymous Student


I’m hurting a lot, with my past and all. My past is a dark and scary path. Let’s take a trip down dark memory lane. “YOU ARE WORTHLESS!!!!” says my foster family. My pain yells “YOU SHOULD HAVE”, and my regret “WHY DIDN’T YOU?”. My pain and regret are blocking that open door to my freedom. I know I’ll have to come to amends with my past and insecurities. “I’ll rise up. I will rise up in spite of my past” I say. I shall never give in. I SHALL NEVER LET MY PAST AFFECT MY FUTURE. I SHALL CONQUER. I’LL RISE LIKE THE DAY. When life chews me up and spits me out I will get up, dust myself off, and smack life in the face and say “I SHALL NOT BE DEFEATED AND PUT OUT”. After what I endured, I will not be put down and stepped on anymore. I SHALL NOT QUIVER IN THE FACE OF FEAR. I SHALL HAVE NO REGRETS ABOUT MY PAST. I AM COMFORTABLE SAYING I ACCEPT MYSELF FOR WHO I AM AND WHO I WANT TO BE.