Traditional Christmas Dishes from Latin America

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and those who celebrate know that this celebration is well known for lots of decorations, a big tree, gifts, and amazing food.

Colombian Natilla – Source: /11/26/natilla-aus-kolumbien/

The month of December, we could say, is the most festive month of the year in Central and South America, these festivities like Christmas and New Years come with a lot of delicious and flavorful food that differs between countries. 

Mexican Tamales – Source: https://www.mexicoinmykitchen. com/sweet-corn-tamales-pork/

In Colombia, one of the most popular dishes is Natilla, a type of pudding made out of cornstarch, milk, cinnamon, panela, butter and shredded coconut or nuts.

In Mexico, tamales are a must, they are prepared with a base of corn dough filled with different vegetables, stews and sauces. They can also be sweet, with fruits and nuts.

Argentinean Vitel Toné – Source: /recetas/receta-vitel-tone-n5157610

In Argentina, vitel toné, is an entree dish with sliced pecetto meat servedwith a mayonnaise sauce, tuna, and anchovies.

Ecuadorian Buñuelos – Source: 1_bunuelo-traditional-dessert-of-ecuador-country-served-on-a-plastic-plate-way-to-sell-on-the-street.html

In Ecuador, buñuelos is a dessert based on flour, eggs, milk and yeast that is later fried and served with a caramel sauce made of panela or brown sugar.

In Brazil, bolinhos, usually served around the table as

Brazilian Bolinhos – Source: ho-de-bacalhau-crocchette-di-baccala/

croquettes, are deep fried dough balls traditionally stuffed with codfish.

In Puerto Rico, pernil is very popular, is a tender roasted marinated and  sometimes stuffed pork usually served with rice and pigeon peas.

Puerto Rican Pernil – Source: /pernil/pigeon peas.

These are just a few of the amazing dishes Latin America offers in the festivities. If you find all these foods interesting and have the chance of visiting any country, you should try them!