Q&A: What is it like to be a teenager in a band?


Sophomore Desiree Wilkes performs with her band Moon Dust last April for the Milford Fine Arts Council.

Desiree Wilkes, Reporter

Staff writer Desiree Wilkes fielded some questions about what it’s like to play guitar in her band.

So what is it like to be a teenager in a band?

Well, it is fun and exciting. I am very happy that I am a part of something that I enjoy. Plus, I have the best teacher, Steve, and Kaylee, the best friend anyone could ask for.

What is your role in the band?

My role is to sing and play the guitar. Trust me, when I first started playing I was scared to sing in front of my band mates, but as I got used to playing and singing I realized that there’s really nothing to worry about and to just have fun.

How often do you practice?

We always get together on Mondays and play for an hour. It is so fun and relaxing when I

can play with my band mates and know that I won’t be made fun of over a slight voice crack or a mess up on the lyrics of a song. Hey it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes. It’s not the end of the world!

Where do you practice?

We practice at my teacher Steve’s house.

Do you get stage fright?

Yes. The first time I went up on the stage I thought that I was going to pass out from sheer nervousness. Until I realized that people won’t laugh and make fun of me. From what I experienced people seemed to enjoy us! Steve and Kaylee always tell me to be happy that I’m up on the stage and to have fun, rather than be relieved that you’re finished and be nervous every time you get up on the stage. It’s okay to be scared. Everyone is afraid of something.

Any conflicts between band members?

Heck no, I love them! They are so nice and caring and I would never want to get into any fights with them. Kaylee is my best friend and can’t wait to see what the future holds. It’s fun with her but we need more people. (Keyboarders, Pianists, Drummers, Bass Guitarists you name it we would love to include you).

Do you write your own songs?

No, I don’t write my own songs, but since I do a lot of writing I general I might take my writings and turn them into songs. Which I think would be awesome.

Any advice for others?

Yes, I do have some advice for those wanting to be musicians. Just go for it. If you’re too nervous to sing in front of people because you think that people will make fun of you and say you have a horrible voice, or you will never be a good enough singer, Stop. You are the one who is putting those thoughts inside your head. If you really want to break out of that shell, you have to start by taking out all the negativity about yourself and put positivity in its place.