Apple Fest brings old and young together


Samiyah Ford and Sabrine Yaser

The 15th-annual Apple Festival was in full swing on the West Haven Green in late September.

There were many activities for people both young and old. Along with face painting, there were small games that guaranteed children a prize.

There were also amusement park rides such as: The Avalanche, The Pita, Pit Stop, and many others. They also had live music and dancing.

There were many booths and mini shops full of colorful handmade crafts such as baskets and jewelry. Some booths were even raising money for the community and for their schools. Not only were there older people raising money, but younger too. For instance a group of young girls from Mackrille Elementary School sold glitter tattoos to raise money for field trips.

Arianna Perkins, a member of the WHHS band, was at the event selling Westie gear.

“We’re selling T-shirts that say ‘With pride,’ which is what we say before we start every performance,” Perkins said, who added that all the money raised would go toward the band and their costumes.