SADD Club Sponsors Pi Day Fundraiser


The school’s Students Against Destructive Decisions Club (SADD) hosted a Pi Day celebration in the lobby on March 14th, featuring a stand where students had the opportunity to pie students and teachers in the face.

Students were given the option to spend $1 to spin a wheel with the names of the SADD members who were available for pieing, $2 to specifically choose a SADD student to pie in the face, or $5 to choose a teacher working at the stand to pie.

Unbeknownst to the students participating, they were actually taking part in an example that the club was setting, which involved making choices. Following this pattern, the club decided to make the more “difficult” (or enticing, depending on who you are) choices more expensive.

Jim Lafo, facilitator of SADD and participant in the event, pointed out the similarities between spinning a wheel of names and chancing destructive decisions in life.

“It’s all about making a decision,” he said, “and the decision wheel, much like when kids or adults gamble with their lives drunk driving or texting and driving. We just put a fun spin on it to make it [students] using the wheel, ‘cuz when you spin a wheel like this, you’re gambling with your life, but today, for fun, we’re gambling with pie.”

Health teacher Camdyn Morgillo also helped out at the stand, allowing students to pie her. She chose to participate to help SADD raise money, but later revealed her past with the club and its true importance to her.

“It’s something that I was really involved in when I was a student here and something that I want to continue to be involved in as a teacher here,” she said, “because I know that it had a really great impact on me as a student, and it helped me make good decisions, so I ended up where I am today, and hopefully, I continue to make those good decisions.”

The club raised almost $200 from the event, which went towards school events and senior scholarships for students who spent four years giving their time to the club.

With all the seniors leaving, club members are urging future generations of students to join the club.

“I joined SADD because it’s a good club to spread awareness about destructive decisions and how to prevent them,” Jenna Johnson, a member of SADD, said.

Another member also had some good things to say about the club.

“SADD’s a pretty fun club to join,” Cassie Wadeka said. “We get to do a lot of fun things. It’s not just a type of club for you to get out of class. It’s more of a club to spread awareness and just have a good time with everybody.”

Ms. Morgillo continued to speak highly of the club, as well, emphasizing how important its impact on the community is.

“I think it’s just important that people get involved in as many things as they can while they’re at the high school,” she said. “especially getting involved in things that will help build a better future for themselves. Not only for themselves, but for the community, too, ‘cuz we’re doing things for the greater good here, so that’s important.”