Five questions around the world: Ecuador


Traveling the world, you may ask yourself where the center of it is. Luckily, I have the answer for your question. Geographically the center of the world is located in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. 

Ecuador sits on South America’s west coast, and even though Ecuador is considered a small country, it has a very diverse landscape. A part of the country is covered by the Amazon forest. The Andes is also located in Ecuador.


What do you most like about your country?

“I don’t know how to say it, but I really like the architecture in my city,” Heidy Peralta, an Ecuadorian student, said. 

Their cuisine is also very diverse. Some of the Ecuadorians famous dishes are: the Ceviche, made from fresh raw fish cured in fresh citrus juices, encebollado, which is made with fresh tuna, yuca, or cassava root, and cuy asado, which is a guinea pig. 


What is your favorite Ecuadorian food?

“There are a lot of good foods, but my favorite Ecuadorian food is Ceviche,” Peralta said.

Even though most of the holidays around the world are pretty similar, their traditions and ways to celebrate it are pretty different.


What is your favorite traditional holiday? 

“Dia de los Muertos, mostly because on that day we have colada morada, and it’s really good, and also have a type of bread guagua de pan, which is a bread shaped like a baby,” 

I got curious and asked Peralta what she most misses in her home country. Her answer was short and straight to the point. 

“I miss my family and friends,” Peralta argued. 

Like every country, Ecuador has its own charm. It could be the incredible food, the amazing landscapes of the Amazon, or the Gapagos island. 


What would you recommend people to do in your country? 

“If you go to Ecuador you need to try encebollado, or go to places like Montanita” Peralta said.