Animal Experimentation is Animal Cruelty

A picture of the author’s dog, Scout.

Animals and humans are alike in that they both can feel pain. But unlike humans, animals are helpless and they can’t communicate their feelings. It is wrong to use animals for experiments because they can’t tell you to stop. They have no voice. We need to protect them because of this, not take advantage of them.

How would you like it if you were an animal and you were getting drugs seeped into your body for the sake of people’s health? Animals are innocent and they don’t deserve this kind of torture. Based on my experience of growing up with animals, they give unconditional love. Imagine if your dog or cat, who snuggles in bed with you at night, was sent away to a lab and was used for experimental purposes. You would despise that person for taking away your baby, your family.

Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in U.S labs every year, according to research from the charity And it is not necessary because “92% of experimental drugs that are safe in animals fail in human clinical trials, or don’t even work.” We shouldn’t test on animals if there is no need to do so.

Based on my experience of growing up with animals, they give unconditional love.

— Desiree Wilkes

I found two teachers who feel the same way I do about animal experimentation.

“Animals should not be used for any medical experimentation,” said history teacher Jason Kirck. “Humans should find alternative methods for reducing sickness besides hurting innocent animals.”

Special education teacher Donna Morgan echoed his view.

“I use products that do not hurt animals–it is just as easy to find them and they work as well,” she said.

As far as medical experiments, Ms. Morgan thinks scientists should experiment on people who are afflicted with the disease instead of testing on innocent animals.

“They would need to sign up for the trial, and that’s what I would do,” Ms. Morgan said.

I agree with both teachers. Other ways of testing drugs and products need to be developed or they should be tested only on humans who agree to it. Experimenting on animals is wrong because they are living beings and did not agree to it.