How To Access Social Workers For Mental Health


Adriana Beams, Class of 2022

West Haven High School’s social workers are here to help the students with their mental health.

There are three social workers who work within the high school: Skyla Drader, works with students whose last names begin with A-E; Christina Savva, works with last names F-O; and Brooke Penna works with last names P-Z.

“Social workers are here to support you through your social, emotional needs,” Mrs. Drader said.

Students can schedule an appointment by using their school apps Gmail or by stopping by the school counseling office to speak with the staff behind the front desk.

The social workers are located in the school counseling office. Mrs. Drader is in J121; Ms. Savva is in A118; and Mrs. Penna is in J120.

Don’t confuse the high school’s social workers for school counseling.

“Your school counselors are typically academic based, so they help prep you for college as well as making sure you reach your academic goals,” Mrs. Drader said.

The school-based health center is another way to access assistance for mental health, along with dental and medical help. The schools’ health center is located within our nursing department.

You can either apply to receive free help from the health center through PowerSchool under “forms,” or there’s a paper form outside the main office in the black kiosk.

Students shouldn’t be afraid to seek the help they need when they need it most.