Westies Walk Club Makes Healthy Living Fun


Odiel Ajaba, Class of 2022

Westies Walk is a new school club aimed at making healthy living into a fun and engaging endeavor. The group educates teens about the benefits of healthy living by providing them with courses on nutrition and exercise, while also encouraging them to enjoy nostalgic games and activities similar to those played in elementary school. 

Advised by our very own Nurse Practitioner, Virginie Le Dru Cohen, and one of our gym teachers, Camdyn Morgillo, the club, which meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, hopes to tackle adolescent and childhood obesity in West Haven by getting kids on their feet. There is also a nutritionist who comes to meetings to give advice on healthy eating, and there are plans to give the teens introductory cooking classes.

Ms. Morgillo expressed the importance of fighting obesity in adolescence.

 “It’s important to us because we want…to be part of a healthy community where we’re able to contribute and help one another, and live happy long lives,” Ms. Morgillo said. “So that’s why we’re passionate about what we’re doing now, because we want to support others to take their health and put it number one.’’

The club has gotten positive feedback from students who have tried it.

 “This club is definitely worth it in the end if you have a goal to eat healthier, or be healthier. You can do this club with friends or even make new ones,” senior Samiyah Ford said. “We also do a lot of team-related activities to keep the blood going and the teamwork strong.” 

The members come from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. The club is helping students build friendships.

 “This club gave me a good opportunity to meet up with new people with like-minded ideas and play fun games with them,’’ senior student Jada Martin said. 

The club will be accepting new members during its next session, which begins on March 29. To enroll students just have to sign up for our School-Based Health Center. The form to do so is on PowerSchool.